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Joseph Maurici

Maurici_Joseph(collar)Home Parish: St. Mary of the Assumption

Year you entered the seminary? What did you do before you entered the seminary? Why did you enter the seminary?
I began my studies in 2014 at Becket Hall.  Before I entered the seminary program I spent six years in the retail sector.  These years were spent after college trying to figure out what to do with my life.  After a lot of thought and prayer and a few gentle, and not so gentle, nudges from God, I decided to apply to the diocese for seminary studies.

What was one of the major influences leading you to consider priesthood?
I don’t think I can point to any one thing that pushed me toward the seminary.  It was more of a gradual accumulation of experiences and discussions that pointed me in the right direction, although it took me years to understand and appreciate that the call has been present to me since high school.

My interests and hobbies are eclectic, ranging from sports and literature to model building and cinema.  I enjoy hiking and swimming, science fiction, games, and music, again, running the gamut from classical to modern rock.

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