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Gregory Sheffield

Sheffield_GregHome Parish: Christ the Redeemer Parish at St. Casimir’s

Year you entered the seminary? What did you do before you entered the seminary? Why did you enter the seminary?
I entered seminary in 2015. Before I entered the seminary, I attended Franciscan University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a minor in Theology. I entered the seminary because I truly believe that God is calling me to the priesthood.

What was one of the major influences leading you to consider priesthood?
The path to the “priesthood proper” began with my fascination of and resulting urge to dive into theology which was sparked from both my dad showing me the parallel between Isaiah 53 and Christ’s Passion and, that same weekend, attending a talk from Dr. Scott Hahn. After both of these experiences, I wanted to become a theologian. That yearning eventually morphed into a desire to consider the priesthood.

I love to read philosophy, theology and other literature. I also love to have a good time with friends and family. Some of my other interests include listening to music, watching movies, playing military strategy games, occasionally playing electric guitar, and I love to play paintball.

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